Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dream Malware Lab in the Sky

Today I found this on Tumblr:

And immediately I lost 30 minutes of work time laughing my ass off because it's all so true.

I run a malware lab. If the government wasn't so shitty, I wouldn't be sequestered.

If I wasn't sequestered, perhaps I would be able to build my dream malware lab in the sky. Not literally in the sky but it would probably have skylights.

And picture windows. Which would have scenic views.

I would have an aquarium maybe. Or a shark tank.

I would install slides to get from a top floor to a bottom floor.

I would get touch screens...maybe like Minority Report. Fuck it, I'll get precogs too.

Or at least the latest hardware and software to run bad stuff against.

In short maybe I should go work at Google.

Or Amazon.

Or publish a couple of my books on Amazon.

Oh hey! There's one for writer's too:


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