Saturday, January 12, 2013


I love obtaining reasonably-priced designer clothes. When one says reasonably-priced designer clothes, it actually isn't that cheap. My favorite place to find this stuff is The Outnet where you can find $2300 dresses for a mere $600.

What a deal! You would be stupid not to buy! Wish List! Wish List! Wish List!

Wish-listing is a slow means of torture for me since I actually can't afford $600 dresses.  I do after all work for the Federal Government (FG). Therefore, I look for the discount on the discount which can knock things down to $200 or $300. And because I work for the FG, I still manage to look stylish compared to the frumpilicious bureaucrats that normally inhabit our cubicle space. There's settling for clothes designed three seasons ago, and then there's really losing all respect for yourself by wearing sweatpants and a Hawaiian shirt.

(Yes, there is such a guy. I saw him on the elevator.)

BUT...even $200-300 is still pretty pricy....esp after Christmas...and after paying tuition...  This is why I was ecstatic about my new favorite outfit which I got at Target...every piece except the shoes. 

Total cost was about $60.  #winning #successkid

Styling oneself via Taget

Unfortunately, even Target clothes shopping will be STRICTLY OFF-LIMITS!!! I will not buy clothes until I actually finish editing the first 5 chapters of my thesis. I'm told this reward system will keep me from procrastinating.

In other news...after 8 long years of service, my favorite winter pair of Lucky jeans split around the inner thigh. Fortunately, the clothes-buying moratorium does not apply here because I have a gift card from my birthday last month. (Technicality found in the bylaws of the appendices etc etc.)

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  1. I hear the slits up the thigh are in this season. =)