Thursday, January 10, 2013

Suicidal Nun Ghosts!

I started a Masters in Fine Arts program at Seton Hill University last week. It was a week-long residency, and I got to hang out in an old Catholic school / nunnery. From the get-go I'm liking this idea.

First of muse.

For art and writing I always thought of my Father's spirit as my muse and guide. He used to reminisce all the time about growing up in Catholic school and the crazy nuns (in his stories the nuns were always a bit off their rockers), so it feels like a meaningful, symbolic dream to be in little classrooms with old-fashioned chalkboards and uncomfortable chairs.

Second of all...suicidal nun ghosts! On the campus tour, our guide made claims. Can I see one please?

Unfortunately I didn't. I saw a lot of statues reminiscent of Doctor Who angels, which sent very lovely chills down my spine in certain parts of the campus.

I did figure out why the nuns would commit suicide, and that is the SHU food. One of my critique partners this semester literally had to get up and compose herself after putting an unidentifiable something in her mouth.

It looked like hardened tofu.

It might have been angel food, if angels were soul-devouring monsters like in Doctor Who.

Abuse of food is unpardonable in my opinion. It simply isn't hard to steam broccoli or grill a hamburger. Chefs who can't meet a certain bare minimum should not be in the kitchens. Period. They should go to the Farm. Because picking food is even easier...but not too easy. I declare that we should demote Chefs that give us bad food to Farmers (or Farmers' Apprentice), so they appreciate the time and effort put into feeding a society. Maybe then they will put some care into what they expect others to put in their mouths.

I survived. I was fasting.

UPDATE: I did actually weigh myself yesterday, and I actually lost 4 lbs while at Residency.  Now THAT is a "WPF" moment. LMAO


  1. I avoided the hot line, the sandwiches weren't bad. I need to lose weight anyway. =)

    Great start!

  2. Great start to this blog, Becky! I suspect there is an unwritten code regarding institution-style food. It is designed to make you want to get out as fast as possible (graduate in four years, get early parole, prove you are sane...). -Lee

    1. Never thought about it that way. It does kind of work as a "you should be writing" sort of thing.

  3. Two words about Seton Hill food: Salad bar
    About suicidal nun ghosts: Have you visited the grotto?
    I can't wait to see what else you write about!

    1. I haven't visited the Grotto. I'm looking forward to ghost tour in June. :)

  4. I think you are taunting me with the ghosts.