Sunday, January 20, 2013

Griffins vs Unicorns

As mentioned I started a Seton Hill University MFA program in January. While on campus I picked up some SHU griffins for my kids. When I gave them to the boys, Jack delivered some excellent first-grade logic:

Griffins vs. Unicorns, Round 1...
JACK: Griffins aren't real.
ME: Oh, yeah, I guess you're right. They're make-believe, like unicorns.
JACK: No, unicorns are real!! They have horns!
ME: Oh, yeah....I guess you're right...

The next day I still couldn't let it go.

Griffins vs Unicorns, Round 2...
ME: How do you know unicorns are real and not griffins?
JACK: Ponies and horns are real. Unicorns are just ponies with horns.
ME: But eagles and lions are both real, so why can't the combination of them be real?
JACK: If you combine an eagle and lion, it becomes a monster, and monsters aren't real.

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