Friday, February 8, 2013

Curious Morals

My first-grader and I...

Me: I thought you had a 100-day of school project you were supposed to do.
Jack: Yeah, I gave a girl $1 to do it for me. So then I only had $2 but the project was done. 
Me: …..
Jack: She wanted to do it.
Me: Or she wanted your money. Did you eat lunch yesterday?
Jack: I ate lunch.
Me: How much is lunch?
Jack: 3 or 4 dollars
Me: …..
Jack: I mean 2 or 3 dollars.
Me: So you ate lunch with your $2.
Jack: Yeah!

6-year-olds have curious morals, and Jack especially. I would think that's an age thing, but my other son Lincoln isn't usually as egocentric. A part of me thought, "it's wrong to not do your own work." But a stronger part of me was more concerned about Jack having enough money to eat lunch. 

In a way, I agreed with his decision. 

The project was to find 100 pieces of things and glue them to a piece of paper. Does that sound tedious? It sounds like a office temp job - GO, Copy, Collate, Staple, man-child scrub! Would I want to do that project? No. Would I pay someone $1? Absolutely!

The real moral of the story is....DELEGATE! Good leaders and managers do this! They have to. Need something done? Can't do it? Won't do it? Hire someone to do it!

Jack isn't a brilliant student, but he makes up for it with an uncanny charisma. When he plays "pick a hand," he doesn't always show you what's in the other hand. 9 times out of 10 it's a shell game. He might end up in showbusiness. A game show host, a comedian, a magician, a Ryan Seacrest, a Caesar Flickerman. And I would say...well, that just suits him to a tee.

Speaking of show business, this idea for getting a 6yo to tell a story is brilliant. Wish I thought of it. It has a moral of the story too. :)

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