Friday, February 1, 2013

Girl Brain on Color Matching

I'm pretty sure all psychologists would agree that there are different parts to a persons brain. Freud proposed the ego, id, super-ego as a way of structuring the psyche. The older I get the more I wonder if the id especially has gender components.

For example, whenever I have a sudden longing to play with Micromachines (which they don't make anymore), I feel like I'm tapping into my boy brain.

Since I'm female I notice that my girl brain is an even more potent part of this repressed psyche, and there are levels of pleasure that are downright erogenous if maximized.

For instance....

Think of all the ways we get Girl Brain to work out:
  1. I work out, so I can eat chocolate. 
  2. It's zumba, so it's so fun it's not even working out.
  3. I'm gonna work out, so I can take a shower, so I can wear my BRAND NEW PERFUME that just arrived in the mail on NICE CLEAN SKIN!!! OMG, I'm gonna smell amazing!
That last one I came up with last night. And my boyfriend looked at my like I had two heads when I said it.

How about color matching?

Color matching is like chocolate for my girl brain, and the more I can secretly work it into my attire, the more I feel like THE QUEEN OF ALL FASHION!

Level 0: Matching pants with shoes
  • Effect Negligible. Seriously toddler girls can do this much.
Level 1: Matching winter hat with gloves
  • Effect: Overall feeling of put-togetherness. I'm ready to be seen in public.
Level 2: Matching hat and gloves with the thread used in pattern on winter scarf.
  • Effect: Put-together but also clever and rather worldly since I got my pashminas in Dubai.
Level 3: Using this hat/gloves/scarf color to match the belt you're also wearing underneath coat.
  • Effect: Put-together, clever, and anticipating a nice REVEAL when you take your coat off AND YOU STILL MATCH!  #shock-and-awe
Level 4: Matching bra and panties with accessories.
  •  Effect: Put-together, clever, and naughtily anticipating AN EVEN BETTER REVEAL at the end of the day.
Level 5: Matching the color of your shirt to the LINING OF YOUR SHOES!
  • Effect: Orgasmic self-adulation!!!

Come on now, SHOES!!! It starts and ends there!

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